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-Walter O'Malley

The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) estimates that between 60% and 70% of all NFL players began their careers playing Pop Warner Football.

We're good because we work harder than anybody else.

Pop Warner exists to use football, cheerleading, dance and a respect for education to develop strong, smart, responsible, healthy young men and women. We give them experiences that build their appreciation for and understanding of leadership, teamwork, and discipline.
While individual statistics may be more common, particularly among older football players, Pop Warner only recognizes the athletic accomplishments of the team, not the individual. We don't track personal tallies of touchdowns or yards rushing per game. We don't count sacks or blocked kicks. We applaud the athletic efforts of the team to reinforce the importance of teamwork, with each member.
We don't try to build stars. We don't want to over-inflate a young ego, nor do we want to risk injuring the self-esteem of a young person. Whether our kids have good days or bad, they are still an integral part of our team…and always will be.

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NYC Bandits
Manhattan Youth Football is dedicated to the growth and development of New York City's youth. MYF was started to empower kids and teach them that "Positive Possibilities" do exist! On and off the field, from the classroom to the ball field, with Football, Cheer & Yoga we can make a difference. MYF will serve as an ambassador for youth athletics and competition in New York City. We are committed to academic, social and emotional growth for the future leaders of our community.

The NYC BANDITS Fall Season starts August 1st.
The regular season runs from August 1st- mid October, playoffs October/November. 
*PLAN ACCORDINGLY- Do not send them away, have them here if they want to be a BANDIT!

We are a non-profit 501 (c)3 charity. All funds go towards uniforms, field equipment, referees, travel and costs associated with running a youth athletic league. All donations are appreciated greatly. Everyone can and does make a difference!
Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. (PWLS) is a non-profit organization that provides youth football and cheer & dance programs for participants in 42 states and several countries around the world. 

Consisting of approximately 425,000 young people ranging from ages 5 to 16 years old, Pop Warner is the largest youth football, cheer and dance program in the world.

Pop Warner was founded in 1929, continues to grow and serves as the only youth football, cheerleading & dance organization that requires its participants to maintain academic standards in order to participate. Pop Warner's commitment to academics is what separates the program from other youth sports around the world.

As the only national youth sports organization that requires scholastic aptitude to participate, Pop Warner is committed to developing America's young people on the field and off. Each year Pop Warner continues to expand its efforts in team and activity participation, as well as visibility and outreach in the community.

Since 1929, the Pop Warner Programs Philosophy has been that athletics and scholastics go hand in hand. At every level, Pop Warner programs seek to develop well-rounded young men and women who learn not only the fundamentals of football, cheerleading, and dance but also the importance of education in an atmosphere conducive to developing sound character while having a good time.

Congratulations to 2013 Midget player Eliot Yang! Pop Warner Little Scholar NJPW applicant.